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Ouroborus has a valuable and rewarding relationship with the building industry where we have listened to their challenges and connected them with academia as well as other development agencies. Working alongside RMIT and Melbourne University, we have introduced innovation into this space by facilitating collaborative partnerships. These partnerships have pioneered cutting-edge technology to modernise the building industry towards more sustainable practices and better outcomes. We have introduced technology in the upcycling of hazardous cladding as well as in the space of concrete manufacturing, cast moulding, and sustainable building facades. Ouroborus has been at the forefront of transforming industrial and construction waste into various building products and thereby, creating a circular pathway for waste in the building industry.

Additive Manufacturing


Ouroborus works with companies in the Additive Manufacturing industry to foster innovation in this space. We are interested in the many ways Australia can utilise post-consumer waste to create a circular economy within 3D printing practices. This not only create enterprise and opportunities within 3DP, but also points to more sustainable and cost-effective options for end-users and industry at-large. Ouroborus firmly believes regional Victoria is positioned to emerge as the 3D printing hub of Australia.

Innovation and Engineering


Ouroborus is working with a number of different partners to create innovative solutions for regional industry while promoting job growth in regional areas. These projects include heat transfer technology, anaerobic digestors, battery development and energy utilisation, soil remediation, wastewater treatment, and whole systems transformation.

Alternatives to Fossil Fuel-Derived Diesel

Ouroborus has partnered with both industry and research institutions to explore viable alternatives to fossil-fuel. Among our many exciting projects, Ouroborus is currently looking at the economic viability of converting used cooking oil into biodiesel. Our goal is to lead industry towards a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions as diesel derived from fossil fuel is displaced by carbon neutral alternatives.

Farming and Animal Husbandry

Ouroborus is working with a number of different partners to create innovative solutions for regional industry while promoting job growth in regional areas. These projects include heat transfer technology, anaerobic digestors, battery development and energy utilisation, soil remediation, wastewater treatment, and whole systems transformation.

Recycling and Upcycling

Ouroborus has partnered with recycling companies and research institutions to introduce innovative processes to both reuse and upcycle post-consumer waste. Some of the manufactured consumer waste we have transformed into a value-added product includes glass, plastics, tyres, rubber, cladding and solar panels. Our goal is to harness the latest research and technology in order to strengthen Australian industry and their ability to participate in the circular economy. This also moves local and global industry towards a more sustainable business model that at the same time, produces products that capture the most possible value. When it comes to recycling, our motto is: waste is your greatest resource.

Renewable Energy

Ouroborus is working with established industry to advance the recycling of solar panels throughout Australia. This is a new and exciting space where Ouroborus is assisting in the creation of nation-wide solar farms which will both create local industry and jobs, as well as progress Australia towards a future with increased levels of clean energy.

Waste to Energy

Emissions Reduction

Alongside research partner RMIT, Ouroborus has developed an online remote monitoring technology for livestock emission gases. Using custom made catalytic reactor, these gases are converted into hydrogen and emissions are significantly reduced. There is no commercial technology at present that integrates this method in a scalable system. Ouroborus has also partnered with academic and industry in the pursuit of producing hydrogen from curbside waste.

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