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About Us

Our vision is to create a society where resource waste is history.


Ouroborus profits from transforming reclaimed waste into value-added materials. It aims to be an integral point for recycling and construction industries, academia and the Australian government in their bid to transition to a circular economy. It advocates a green Australia, transition to a circular economy, renewable energy and socio-economic change. Ouroborus works closely with Australian and international researchers to address challenging waste streams. The prime focus of Ouroborus is to support the construction industry to access cutting-edge green products that have proven to have the required performance. This will lead to commercial benefits, increased employment, and a significant contribution to addressing the pressing environmental impacts of waste production, management, and re-use. More broadly, Ouroborus is focused on the delivery of government initiatives across various industries, with the goal of Australia taking a leadership position in the global effort to meet worldwide Sustainable Development Goals.

Mission and Goals

Ouroborus acts as an incubator for green technologies across various industries. We create valuable networks which bring together industry, government, and academia in the identification of shared goals and mutually beneficial outcomes. We have connected experts from industry, research institutions, project development, high tech, the public sector, and the private sector in order to create thriving hubs that work together to pioneer new pathways for waste; Ouroborus reimagines waste as an invaluable resource. We assist businesses in raising capital by exploringgrant opportunities, introducing investors, and identifying new business opportunities. Using our connections both nationally and internationally, we liase with establishedinnovation hubs around our mission of Australia emerging as a global leader in sustainability.

Who we are

We consult around green tech incubation, ideas and entrepreneurship.

 We are able to provide direction towards funding from both the public and private sectors. We have links to numerous national

 and international investors, thereby we have the ability to find the right fit for businesses to raise capital; to act as a conduit between investors and cutting edge businesses.

Project Solutions

These projects surround heat transfer technology, anaerobic digesters, innovative batteries, and novel energy transfer, soil remediation, wastewater treatment, and whole system transformation.

Regional industry/farming

Ouroborus is working with a number of different partners to create innovative solutions for regional industry and to promote job growth in regional areas.

What We Do

Ouroborus thrives on building networks for collaboration and research. 
Across different industries we connect experts from manufacturing 
and construction industries, research institutions, project developers, 
technology providers, public and private sector organisations 
nationally and internationally. We also engage with other established 
energy innovation hubs around the world. We promote and find the 
right fit for businesses to raise capital by acting as a conduit between 
grant providers, investors and businesses.  


We consult around green tech incubation

Raising Capital

we have the ability to find the right fit for businesses to raise capital


Having grant success rate of over 70% as both a partner and a consultant.

Enhance Services

We are in an ongoing process of transforming our company going from being a product provider to a full-service provider. 

Maintenance Services

latest version on a recurring basis so that we don’t have to do it ourselves.

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